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Administration of Deceased Estate


We understand that dealing with a deceased estate can be difficult when you are grieving the loss of someone important in your life.

Our office regularly carries out administration of estates. Commonly the process includes:

  • Advising executors as to their duties and rights
  • Applying for Probate, if required, in the Supreme Court
  • Dealing with intestacy (if there is no Will)
  • Applying for Letters of Administration, if required, in the Supreme Court
  • Administration of the estate, in relation to the assets liabilities and bequeathing of the gifts and rest and residue

We can assist you in contesting wills and defending estate litigation in the Supreme Court.


Based in Tully within the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, our primary industry is agriculture. At Ross Mangano Solicitors, we are experienced in agricultural transactions including:

  • Sale and purchase of farm properties, including contract preparation and due diligence
  • State Land tenures such as licences, permits to occupy and state leases
  • Subdivision and realignment of boundaries
  • Land tenure and conversion applications to freehold
  • Sale and purchase of water allocations and entitlements
  • Agistment agreements
  • Dealing with cane supply agreements and forward pricing agreements
  • Vegetation management matters
  • Biosecurity notices
  • Land valuation appeals
Business & Commercial

We have experience in advising clients on property transactions for commercial, industrial, rural, residential and retail properties including high value and significant sites with a range of complex issues.

Ross Mangano Solicitors has the expertise required to advise on all aspects of property transactions and can help you with:

  • Business contracts: Our commercial solicitors can prepare or review all types of legal contracts including purchase or sale of business, Put and Call Options and commercial contracts.
  • Leasing: We can assist with retail leasing and commercial leasing for both landlords and tenants.
  • Commercial Property: We can assist with the sale or purchase of commercial property. This includes preparation and negotiation of contract and other relevant documentation for property acquisition and disposal including:
    • Option agreements
    • Vendor finance and mortgages
    • Lease-back arrangement
    • Agistment agreements
    • Caveats
    • All aspect of the conveyance for the transaction from contract signing through to completion
    • Due diligence investigations
    • General statutory, titling and land tenure advice relevant to properties including advising on Easements, covenants and other encumbrances
  • Business structures: If you are establishing a new business enterprise we can help you make sure that you are setting the business up soundly, whether by partnership, company, or trust.
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency: We can assist with the whole process of recovering money owed to you from an initial Letter of Demand through to Statement of Claim and Court Judgment.
  • Mortgages and Guarantees: we can draft and review mortgages, guarantees, charges and other securities documentation.
  • Business succession and asset protection: You need a plan in place to make sure that your business and personal assets are protected. We can work with your business and family to devise a plan that keeps your hard won assets safe through unit, discretionary and family trusts, Wills and/or Powers of Attorney.

Although it seems quite straightforward, property law can be quite complex and conveyancing has to consider issues such as contract terms and conditions, mortgages, covenants, easements, caveats, the type of property title, and the type of tenancy to name just a few.

As selling or buying property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make it’s important that you get legal advice.

Criminal Law

Have you been charged with a criminal or traffic offence and need a lawyer to represent you at Court?

The outcome of your Court case could be life changing, so give yourself the best possible chance with one of our experienced solicitors. If your case requires a barrister, we can recommend and retain appropriate counsel for you.

We handle all areas of criminal and traffic law including:

  • Traffic and vehicle offences, including drink driving, dangerous driving and driving under the influence
  • Making applications for a restricted licence or special hardship order, which are often known as a “work licence”
  • Criminal offences, including but not limited to drug matters, assault, theft, arson, robbery,  malicious damage, bail applications
Family Law

Divorce can become more complicated when assets are involved, and you may be concerned about your financial future. Our solicitors have experience in a broad range of financial family matters, including settlements of modest assets all the way to substantial assets, including businesses and property.

We can assist you with:

  • Divorce and separation
  • De facto relationships
  • Property and financial settlements

We focus on settling disputes in the most amicable, efficient and affordable way, so we encourage our clients to explore all available options before proceeding to court.

Retail Shop, Commercial and Agricultural Leases

Our solicitors have significant experience in all forms of leasing transactions for landlords and tenants of large commercial buildings, industrial, agricultural and retail premises.

Ross Mangano Solicitors can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases, agreements to lease and licences.
  • Negotiation for the terms of the lease (including rent, duration, use of premises, costs and renewal options)
  • Annual calculation of consumer price index rent review calculations.
Town Agency

Ross Mangano Solicitors accepts town agency services for court appearances and court filing and lodgements at the Tully Magistrates Court in both civil and criminal matters.

We also conduct town agency for conveyancing and commercial settlements in the Cassowary Coast region.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

It is very important to have a will. A will is a legal document which records your wishes as to the distribution of your assets when you die. This may include your house, land, car, shares and bank accounts. Ideally all persons aged 18 years and older should have a will. A will not only provides peace of mind for the person making the will, but also for that person’s family when they pass away. If you die without a will (called “intestacy”) then your estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy, which may not be how you wish for the distribution to occur and you will not be able to choose the person who administers your estate.

It is just as important to have a power of attorney. If you do, then a person of your choice may make decisions on your behalf if you lose capacity during your lifetime, or at any other time nominated by you. If not, then your family members may have greater difficulty in dealing with banks and government organisations on your behalf at an already testing time.

If you would like to plan the medical treatment or health care you receive in the event you lose capacity, such as assisted ventilation, then you can do so by making an Advance Health Directive.

Wills, power of attorney and advance health directive documents should be regularly reviewed. In particular, when major life events happen such as marriage, divorce, changes to your asset pool, changes to your health, or a change in circumstances to a person named in your will or power of attorney documents.

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